Which airport should I fly to in Canada?
The nearest airport to fly to is Pearson International Airport (airport code: YYZ) in Toronto, Canada. You can connect a domestic flight from Toronto to London Ontario (YXU).

Another alternative is to take an airbus direct from Pearson Int’l airport to London. There is one airbus operating from Pearson International airport to London Ontario. RobertQ’s contact information is below:

Robert Q Airbus
Phone: (519) 673-6804
1-800-265-4948 (Canada & U.S.)
Fax: (519) 679-5406
Email: airbus@robertq.com

What is included in the Homestay?
The homestay will provide you a comfy bed, 2 pillows, bedsheet, comforter, writing desk, executive chair, writing lamp and closet. Just bring your luggage to move in. Click House Photos for more info. High speed wireless internet, laundry, kitchen appliances such as toaster oven, stove, fridge, cooking utensils, house key and parking space.

Do you help me to settle into London Ontario?
If you stay with us, we will provide 2 complimentary car tours of London, school, nearest shopping mall, Chinese & Canadian grocery shops as well as bus location so you can be familiar with the surrounding areas during your 1st week. Depending on the time of your arrival, food or snack will be provided to welcome you on your first day with us. We know how long the flight can be and how a warm meal helps upon arrival.

How much is the rental at your homestay?
Please email christy@MomOnWheel.com or use our contact form Here, for your individual or group rate.

What should I have to bring with me to homestay?
You’ve to bring personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, shampoo or any personal stuff you need. Some of these can be purchased when you arrive in London.

Should I open a Canadian bank account in Singapore?
Yes, we recommend that. CIBC (Canadian bank) has a branch office at Raffles Place where you can open a Canadian dollars account. Do it a month or two before flying out to Canada as the process takes some time. Once you’ve the account open, you can TT (telegraphic transfer) Canadian fund into that account from your Singapore bank. Past students said you’ll be given a branch (ask for Masonville Place) and contact person to activate this account when you arrive in Canada. Activation is instant and you’ll be provided with a debit/ATM card to use right away. This way, you do not have to carry much cash during travel. Remember a bank draft takes up to 20+ days to clear if you bring it to Canada to bank in.

Does the homestay arranges for airport pickup?
Yes, the host can arrange for airport pickup in London International Airport. Please let the host knows before your arrival. Additional cost will be charged for the pickup. If pickup is required at Pearson International airport in Toronto, please also discuss with the host first as it is cheaper to take the airbus especially if you are travelling alone.

How do I pay for the homestay?
You can pay via paypal or TT. A deposit of a month rental is due upon homestay confirmation. When you arrive, you will pay for the first month and the deposit will be used for the last month’s rent.

Is there a shopping mall, grocery and bus stop nearby?
Yes, there is a Masonville Mall less than 2 km away from homestay, Loblaws grocery across from that mall, a 24 hour Sobeys grocery within bus ride or walk 35-40 mins, and direct bus #13 to Western University/University Hospital and downtown London where you will find greyhound bus and train station. Also bus #38/39 to Wal Mart superstore where you can also buy grocery and clothes etc.

Where can you buy cheaper groceries?
There are 3 large Chinese supermarkets in London – United, Food Island and Superking. The closest from the homestay is United Supermarket which you can get to with a direct bus #16 from Western University. Past students who prefer Chinese vegetables and food find it cheaper to buy from the Chinese supermarket. United and Superking also serve hot cooked food (3 dishes) for C$5.99-$7.99 + tax. Wal Mart is another good place to explore but they do not carry ALL Chinese stuff.

How does the bus system works in London ON?
London bus system works on a fixed time schedule. You can check real time bus arrival and departure times online at www.ltconline.com.
It can take up to 30 mins to wait for a bus if you missed one.

Can I arrive in London before my school term starts?
Yes, you can but please let the host knows in advance just in case the rooms are not ready. Extra charges may apply per day.

If you’ve questions that are not answered here, please email christy@momonwheel.com or click Contact to let us know how we can help.